Dennis worked with our one-year-old Irish Setter, Copper, for nearly two months. When we brought Copper in, he was unsocialize, extremely skittish, scared, and disobedient. We brought him for bird dog training, but we were adamant that obedience training come first. Dennis not only assisted with obedience training but Copper’s confidence soared. It was a slow ongoing process due to the nature of our dog, but Dennis was committed and extremely patient. I went out to visit Dennis and Copper nearly every weekend. Dennis was accommodating to ensure that I could see the progress, even if it was only a few small victories.

Copper is now a happy dog and he's eager to listen to both my wife and I. He can be off a leash and comes when called! Dennis went above and beyond to make sure Copper was secure, trained properly and confident. Dennis genuinely cared for Copper and it showed through Copper’s transformation into an All-Star, just as Team Gundogs promises. We brought Dennis a very difficult customer in Copper, but he more than exceeded our expectations!

We're still working with Dennis to get Copper ready for this hunting season. I've also brought out our four-year-old Setter, Smokey, to brush up on his skills in preparation for the season. I look forward to a long relationship with Dennis (and Copper loves seeing him too)! I fully trust Team Gundogs and Dennis with my dogs and their training.



"I want to express my appreciation for Mr. Dennis Vanin, owner of Team GunDogs, and to advocate for his services to anyone in search of a professional hunting guide.

I have known Dennis for years and thoroughly appreciate his attention to detail in the field. He has always been an excellent communicator that not only ensures that we have an enjoyable experience on a hunt, but that we do so in the safest manner possible. Additionally, his dogs are some of the most well trained and obedient canines that I have every worked with during a hunt.  

Dennis has not only provided my family with memorable hunting experiences, but he has also been instrumental in the life of my youngest son by recognizing natural talents and gun handling skills that I would not have seen. He personally influenced my son to get involved with a variety of hunting techniques, and encouraged him to join a competitive shooting team that has become a huge part of my child’s life. Dennis’ passion for the sport is certainly evident in the way I have witnessed him working with the youth.

Mr. Vanin clearly understands what good customer service is all about and I assure you that working with him will be a positive experience for your organization or you individually."


"My son, Parker, and I first hunted with Dennis Vanin 5 years ago at Kiowa Creek. Since that time, he's been our first choice and has been our guide for over 15 hunts. I have been pheasant hunting for about 16 years and have had the opportunity to hunt at many top rated hunting clubs in Oregon and South Dakota. Out of all those hunts, when I compare Dennis’ skills, along with his well trained dogs, he is the best I’ve experienced. He quickly and easily builds rapport with all the hunters in a group to ensure a safe and fun hunt. I will continue to seek out Dennis to be our guide on all my future hunts."