Reiki is a non-harmful, non-painful hands-on healing method of creating balance within every living thing. Throughout the years, Reiki has evolved to be used all over the world by practitioners, medical professionals and even your next-door neighbor.

Reiki has been studied through clinical research and has been found in blind studies to be effective for relieving stress, anxiety and pain. Pets respond to Reiki in the same manner as humans. This is the reason that I use Reiki in my training programs.



Rookie gun dog Program (Level One)

Hourly sessions for 8 to 15-week-old pups are available. This will build a solid foundation for the up and coming Rookie gun dog.

Our focus in Level One training will start with prey drive and chase and then move into gun conditioning. Then I will bring out the natural instinct in pointing or flushing of your All-star. We will then move into obedience training which also transfers to the field, and this is where we start introducing the E-collar conditioning and whistle commands if desired.

This level of teaching is where the Rookies will start to understand the TEAM concept and that you are the Pack Leader and follow your directions. Commands that will be taught are: heel, here/come, and introduction to whoa. We will also teach quartering and retrieving with the commands. During this Rookie training, we will also be socializing your gun dog in and out of the field.

Monthly Pricing: $750

  • Birds not included.
  • Includes boarding and feed.
  • Each session includes 15 minutes of Reiki.
  • Dog owner participation is encouraged.
  • Shot records required: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • Location: Bennett, Colorado

Hall of Fame gun dog Training (Level Two)

Team Gundogs Hall of Fame Gun Dog Training usually begins after the first season of hunting. This allows training to remain fun for your Rookie as they are guided into advanced commands and skills. These skills are a staunch on point, honoring/backing, stop/sit to flush, steady to wing or steady to wing and shot.

Monthly Pricing: $900

  • Birds not included
  • Includes boarding and feed.
  • Each session includes 15 minutes of Reiki.
  • Gun Dog owner participation is encouraged.
  • Shot records required: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • Location: Bennett, Colorado


Private Training

Team Gundogs provides private training for any skills that need improvement from Rookie to Hall of Fame level gun dog training.

Private Hourly Pricing: $75

  • Birds not included
  • Training time will vary depending on dog’s age and skill level
  • Sessions will be prorated appropriately
  • 15 minutes of Reiki
  • By appointment only
  • Location: Bennett, Colorado



Team GunDogs is proud to offer year-round boarding opportunities for your dogs. If you are simply planning a weekend getaway or going away for an extended vacation, we are happy to provide care and boarding for your pets. We require that you supply full shot records for Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella (kennel cough). Our boarding service is based on current availability. Our kennels are fully licensed by the State of Colorado and we are located at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club, 30 minutes east of Denver. Each kennel has its own private run and indoor dog box. If your pet is staying two weeks or less we recommend bringing the dog’s own food. It is easier on its digestive system. Our kennels are designed for the utmost safety and security for your dogs. It is advised to book well in advance, so call today (303) 243-2524 or email:

Pricing: $30 per day

  • Includes kennel and feed
  • Location: Bennett, Colorado



All Guides will be done at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club, which is 30 minutes east of Denver. They offer quality upland game property. Half day hunts are available to pursue quail, chuckar, and pheasant. Dogs will be provided or bring your own. Hunting season is from October 1st to March 31st. Contact Kiowa Creek Sporting Club to book your hunt with Team GunDogs by calling: (303 644-4627) or email: