Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
— Vince Lombardi

Anatomy of Team Gundogs

Our mission at Team Gundogs is simple:  To create the best Team of All-Stars for you. Your All-Stars will be ready and able to connect with YOU the Pack Leader in and out of the field. This is what I offer. This is what I stand for. This is what I will create for your Team.


Team GunDogs Unique Style

Team Gundogs unique style of training involves the use of Reiki (Ray-Kee). I have had a relationship with Reiki for over twenty-five years, and am a current practitioner and Reiki Master-Teacher. Reiki is a scientifically proven hands-on healing modality that is widely used in surgical procedures, cancer treatments and in alternative health clinics. Reiki is non-harmful and creates a calming effect within both people and animals.


Secret to Success

Each session in training I will push your dogs to their full potential for that day and then utilize Reiki to ensure that each dog is relaxed and nurtured after the session. This allows for better knowledge retention. My aim is to train your dogs on a physical and spiritual level. This creates a balance within the team that can only be experienced in the moment. This is the secret to my success and ultimately to yours.


Experience Matters

I’ve spent over 30 years watching and learning from other phenomenal trainers to get where I am today. My passion for hunting and training are visible in the All-Star hunting dogs that I own and guide with. My goal is to take your canine and create YOUR team players, a specialized hunter and companion for you. Your dogs will be given the utmost attention and care as I train them for hunting readiness. I have taken all the knowledge I have gained as a trainer and hunter and built a successful program that allows the dogs to feel safe, have fun and to find their confidence in and out of the hunting field. The beauty of the synergy between hunter and dog only can be experienced afield as a Team.

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Dennis L. Vanin

Owner | Reiki Master